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Ship Agents

CARGONAVE Group has the reputation of possessing one of the most experienced and well-known teams in the Brazilian Shipping industry especially with regards to Agricultural commodities. They cover outbound and inbound cargoes with the same expertise. CARGONAVE Group's management is fully involved in all operations on the vessels under their care, a decisive fact for the success of a shipping agency. The company offers tailor made services to each client, performing optimized and faster turnarounds for their vessels in port. As a source of information CARGONAVE Group is a benchmark in Brazil with its internally processed, complete and up-dated statistics sent constantly to clients. These contain relevant information covering ports facilities, restrictions, strikes, up-to-date news and waiting time as well as precise data about the volumes and destinations of Brazilian imports and exports covering the Grain markets. Profound knowledge of each port rule, standards, requirements and ports particularities as well as the Brazilian and International trade and shipping legislation helps to improve waiting times and port stays and reduces the risk or losses involved in operations. 

Port Operators

CARGONAVE Group handles more than 6 milion tons in port operations of agricultural products such as: Soybeans, Soya Meal, Corn, Sugar, Wheat, Fertilizers, Vegetable oils and Ethanol. With their experienced team and using modern methods and expertise for each product the CARGONAVE Group ensures efficiency, safety and agility in its operations.




o Detailed and advance planning for the operation contracted;

o Performance with adequate equipment appropriate to each case;

o Coordination of land transportation;

o Recruitment and supervision of cargo availability/stocks;

o Management of the loading and unloading operations just-in-time.


CARGONAVE Group also offers its services as a forwarding agent serving as a consultant for exports and imports for its customers well in advance of the process to release their goods. The company has extensive knowledge of Brazilian law and regulations for foreign trade.

Documentation & Execution

We know fully, the importance and need of speed and accuracy in the preparation and submission of documents relating to export and import cargoes. In this respect, CARGONAVE Group counts with an excellent department for documentary needs in all its offices, working closely with authorities and their clients with dedication to ensure speedy delivery.​

"Professionalism, ethics and transparency have always been values that guided the path of CARGONAVE Group and their goals."

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