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Remembering the distant past, the people who worked together in the seventies...


Mr. James Kerr who was a partner in Cranston Woodhead, Rio Grande, engaged Willie Cunningham for the Cranwood office in Paranaguá. He, in turn employed Fernando Cortez at Cranwood Paranaguá, who was eventually promoted to manager of the new São Francisco do Sul office. Consequently, Fernando suggested to employ Albano Simões Pinto in his place for operations at Cranwood Paranaguá. Then Willie opted to leave and open the Transcar office in Paranaguá and Albano was promoted to Manager of the Cranwood branch at Paranaguá. Later on, Albano's brother, Victor Manuel Simões Pinto, came out from Portugal and due to Cranwood company policy he was offered employment at Transcar Paranaguá instead of working with his brother Albano. After a couple of years Victor was promoted and became a partner of the new Transcar office in Rio Grande  In 1987, Albano and Fernando decided to leave Cranwood to open up Cargonave at Paranaguá and São Francisco do Sul. It was an instant success. Willie, eventually, left Paranaguá to go to Transcar Santos and Victor was brought up from Rio Grande to look after the Transcar office at Paranaguá where he also became a partner.


With the eventual changes at Transcar Santos, where Willie was asked to go back to Paranaguá he opted to resign from Transcar Santos and Paranaguá. He decided to carry on in  Santos and after discussions with Fernando and Albano, they decided to open up Cargonave at Santos. Whilst all this was going on, Orlando Casado, who was a Director at Transcar Santos, also opted to leave Transcar and Victor now sits with his brother at the Paranaguá office, Fernando carries on in São Francisco do Sul and Cargonave Santos is looked after by Willie and Orlando. CARGONAVE Group is also linked to AMRG - Agência Marítima Rio Grande which was opened in April 2004 in the capable hands of Capt. James Kerr and Mr. Kurt Enke. Last but not least Fabio Pinho, also ex Cranwood Rio Grande, joined the team in May 2009.


It is rather interesting to note, that after some 35/40 years, they are all back together again.

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